WC Arena

One of the arenas players fight in during World Competition

World Competition is an event that occurs twice a week, on Wednesday and Saturday at 3pm Server Time. Players will be put into categories dependent on their level, within 10-level ranges, for example level 40-49, 50-59, and will compete in sets of 2 to see who is the strongest fighter within their level range.

The EventEdit

When: 3pm Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Where: Soldier Sui (172,130) in Su Zhou.

Requirements: 1Ivorygold to enter. Must be at least lv 40. No more than 64 players registered for your level range.

The Event: You must apply immediately at 3pm, and will be transported to the Fighting Arena as soon as you have successfully applied. When another player within your level range successfully applies they will be transported to the arena where you are. You cannot attack each other until the round begins, so you may be waiting in the arena with your opponent for many minutes.

There are no rules for the combat, though it is possible for players to negotiate personal rules if they desire, such as "No heals, no pets".

When a player is killed, they lose the fight and teleport from the scene immediately. The victor will soon after be teleported back to Su Zhou also. Speak to Soldier Sui again to claim the reward of a few thousand exp and register for the next round, though if you lose you may not be eligible to fight again.

The number of rounds depends on the number of players entered within the level range. If only 2 players entered a level range, then the competition for that level will finish at 3:15pm, with rewards claimable from Soldier Sui. The next round will begin at 3:30pm. I believe a new round begins every 15 minutes until 4pm (needs confirmation).

It is essential that players speak to Soldier Sui in-between rounds, as if they do not they will not be eligible for rewards.

The top 3 winners of each level range will receive rewards which are typically: roughly 5Gold and a level 2 gem for Number 1, a bit less gold and a level 2 gem for Number 2, and a level 1 gem and less gold for Number 3. Players will also receive respective titles which they can display for about a week.

Important note: you must stand by Soldier Sui while you wait to recieve your reward. If you change scenes before the reward is given, you will not recieve it, even if you qualify to recieve a reward.

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