Wild Boar Rampage
Boars logo (unofficial)

Minimum lv Requirement



2:00pm - 4:50pm
9:30pm - 11:59pm


Pet Hill

Minimum Team Members


Approx Duration


Wild Boar Rampage, commonly refered to simply as "Boars", is a twice daily event occurring in Pet Hill. From 2pm ST to 4:50pm and 9:30pm to 11:59pm, players are able to access boars instances via Spirit Beasts in Pet Hill. The main puposes of doing the boars event are the exp received from killing the boars and being able to enter the Boar Farm instance if someone gains a Boar King Footprint from the boss.

Boars action

A team fighting to keep the Spirit Beast alive.

The EventEdit

Players must be in a team of at least 3, though a full team of 6 is advised, and like all instances, the closer the player levels, the better. They must all gather close to a Spirit Beast in Pet Hill and then the team leader can enter the instance.

One inside players will see the Spirit Beast at (91,64). If this beast dies, the instance will close and have been failed. This makes having a Lotus very important.

Shortly after entering, Berserker Boars will charge from around the area. Always stay around the spirit beast, though far away enough to attract the boars, but be within range of your team member to ensure they get the exp.

There are 3 types of Boar, and players should try to kill the Red Berserker Boars and the White Berserker Boars before killing the Black Berserker Boars. Red Boars do the most damage though have the lowest HP, so killing these is top priority, White Boars have normal damage and normal HP, and Black Boars have insignificantly low damage though very high HP.

The boars arrive in a series of 6 rounds; after each round is survived the Spirit Beast returns to full health.

The boss, Boar King, arrives during the final round. It is important all players look at the drop, if there is one, as the Boar King Footprint which it has a chance to drop is highly prized, allowing players to access a bonus instance.

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