Game Research

The wiki has priority agendas, and at the moment content is a major priority. Your contributions are massively appreciated.

It is acceptable to import information from external sources, though it is important to credit them at the bottom, beneath an "Acknowledgements" heading, in Heading 2.

Some good sources for information are on:

Life Skills:Edit

  • Decorating needs to be created and at least a brief explanation of the life skill.
  • Fishing could do with a brief comment about it.
  • Making needs creating and explaing.
  • Pharmacy needs some explaining.
  • Processing is still a bit bair bones and could do with some more content.
  • Refining needs creating and explaining.
  • Sewing needs explaining.
  • Regimen and Pharmacology are similar life skills which need pages created for them, which a brief explation of their benefits.

Class PagesEdit

The Class pages, eg Assassin really need more content as standard. Urgently.

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