White Mountain Ape

"White Mountain Ape lives with it's group in Mt. Infinity. They like destroy farmer's fields, sometime, they also attack people."

Where can it be found?Edit

Mt. Infinity.

What can it drop?Edit

Armour of Purity – pyro

Aurora Knot - white

Autumn Blade – white

Blue Ring – white


Broken Fabric Shirt

Calm Shoulderpads – light green

Coarse Cloth Hat – unidentified

Cotton Shoulderpads – white

Cotton Wristbands – white

Cotton Yard Shoes – unidentified

Daisy Porridge

Dharma’s Proof – light green

Eagle Eye Hat – Taoist

Enchanted Air Powder

Fabric Shoes – unidentified

Fairy’s Jade Amulet

Fey Jade Circle – light green

Fey Lizard Wristband – light green

Fey’s Jade Amulet – light green

Flax Cloth

Flax Gloves – white

Frozen Lizard Hat – light green

Green Liquid

Heavywind Blade – white

Iron Sword – white

Jade Amulet of Vine – light green

Kade Circle of Bane – light green

Leather – lv 1

Leather – lv 2

Lv 1 Healing Salve

Lv 1 Statice Powder

Lv 1 Travelling Bag

Peach Wood Sword – white

Pure Pearl

Rainbow Circle – white

Red Tassel Spear – white

Runed Falchion – light green

Sandalwood Fan – white

Sateen Gloves – light green

Silver Cuff of Vine – light green

Silver Spear – white

Strange Haslet

Sunward Wristbands – light green

Top Grade Sticky Rice (Captain)

Vile Shoulderpads – light green

Virtuous Fan – light green

White Sponge Cake

WillowBelt – white

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