Werewolf Fighter

Level 40-41

Where can it be found?Edit

Werewolf Hill (145,85) and (255,125)

What can it drop?Edit

Wondrous Item

Jewels Tower


Spring Pancake
Walnut Porridge
Lvl 3 Air Powder
Lvl 5 Statice Capsule
Lvl 5 Healing Salve

Fey's Azure Cloak
Azure Cloak of Focus
Earth Cloak
Earth Hat
Earth Handguards
Satin Fairy Hat
Infinity Satin Shoes
Satin Cuff of Venom
Satin Cuff of Sin
Satin Wristbands
Satin Shoes of Venom
Darkblot Gauntlets
Earth Footwraps
Exorcism Sword
Guardian Claymore
Azure Cuffs of Focus
Icicle Striker
Icicle Gauntlet
Beast Horn Spear
Solidarity Elven Hat
Greensight Wrists
Greensight Crest
Sunchase Circle
Rain Fan of Focus
Harsh Claymore
Bedlam Falchion
Extreme Claymore


+4 Ice Nuclei
+4 Fan Rib
+4 Ice Block
+4 Amber
+4 Rime
+4 Chalcedony
+4 Nunchakus
+4 Thread
+4 Hilt
+4 Ring
+4 Shankbone
+4 Pikestaff
+4 Sheath
Brown Paper

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