Water Prison is a daily quest that is done for the purpose of selling the monster drops received the instance for money.

Recieve the Water Prison quest from Leopard Hu (244,215) in Su Zhou. Go to Yelling Hu (65,76) in Reed Port. He will create the instance when all the players in the team are there. The instance closes after 30 minutes, and the team should kill all the monsters inside, picking up the drops.


  • Must be at least lv 20
  • Must be in a team of at least 3 players
  • All of the players in the team must have the ability to do the quest. If one of the players has done Water Prison the maximum number of times for that day, then the whole team cannot enter until that player is removed.

Level Limit
20-29 1
30-49 2
50-69 4
70-89 7
90+ 10


  • The level of monsters inside the instance is based on the levels of the players in the team.
  • Monster drops vary in 9 level ranges, eg lv 40-49 drop less valuable items than lv 50-59 monsters.
  • Travel Permits are dropped.

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