All references to "walking" may appear as running, and can be done equally whilst riding a mount.


Left click an area of the ground and your character will run towards it, more explicity examined in the Getting Around page.

Area MapEdit

A player can also left click a location on the area map they are within, and the player will move towards it.


Select one of the locations in the autopath box, and click go, or double left click it, and your player will begin travelling to that location by walking.


In the System Menu the hot-key shortcuts are labeled, "Key Bindings".

These are the defaults:

Shortcut Key Name Chat Enabled
Primary Skill/Item 01 F1
Primary Skill/Item 02 F2
Primary Skill/Item 03 F3
Primary Skill/Item 04 F4
Primary Skill/Item 05 F5
Primary Skill/Item 06 F6
Primary Skill/Item 07 F7
Primary Skill/Item 08 F8
Primary Skill/Item 09 F9
Primary Skill/Item 10 F10
Secondary Skill/Item 01 Alt+1
Secondary Skill/Item 02 Alt+2
Secondary Skill/Item 03 Alt+3
Secondary Skill/Item 04 Alt+4
Secondary Skill/Item 05 Alt+5
Secondary Skill/Item 06 Alt+6
Secondary Skill/Item 07 Alt+7
Secondary Skill/Item 08 Alt+8
Secondary Skill/Item 09 Alt+9
Secondary Skill/Item 10 Alt+0
Display 1st page of primary skills shortcuts Ctrl+1
Display 2nd page of primary skills shortcuts Ctrl+2
Display 3rd page of primary skills shortcuts Ctrl+3
Hide the visibility of other players (until move) F12
Hide player names F11
Auto target Ctrl+Tab
Open/close character interface Alt+C
Open/close inventory interface Alt+A
Open/close skill interface Alt+S
Open/close quest interface Alt+Q
Open/close friend and mail interface Alt+F
Open/close team interface Alt+T
Open/close trade interface Alt+E
Open/close pet interface Alt+X
Open/close guild interface Alt+O
Open/close expression interface Alt+D
Open/close action interface Alt+-
Open help interface Alt+H
Zoom in/zoom out minimap Alt+Z
Minimap compass Alt+V
Jump Alt+J
Open/close world map Alt+M
Message ball Alt+W
Last chat channel Alt+,
Next chat channel Alt+.
Open/close area map Tab
Clear chat window


Open Autopath Alt+'
System Menu


Quit Client Alt+F4

In the list above I have highlighted in bold the ones I consider to be most important and useful, and put in italics the ones I think do not work. Also, all of the F1 skill hot keys are useful.

One can also right click to jump, and hold Ctrl+left click to leap.

Camera AdjustmentsEdit

The easiest way to adjust the camera is to hold down the right click mouse button and move the mouse. If Sky View is enabled (System-->View-->Sky View) then a played can drag the cursor upwards to reveal the sky. Unless "Hold you camera" (option just under "Sky View) is enabled, the default angle of viewing your character will be resumed, the zoom will not be affected though.

The zoom can also by adjusted holding Alt, then tapping either the Page Up to zoom in, or Page Down key to zoom out.

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