Treasure Cave consists of 5 Chambers, or floors, with a Boss and one type of monster per Chamber. The first four Chambers have Cavern Guardians of varying levels, whilst the last Chamber has the boss Make-Up Mo. Each boss is a higher level than the last.

Due to the design of the caves, one will need to use the Leap skill.

Treasure Cave Chamber 1Edit

Grave Robber (everywhere)

Cavern Guardian[18] (33,228)

Treasure Cave Chamber 2Edit

Desert horse rider (everywhere)

Cavern Guardian [21] (43,192)

Treasure Cave Chamber 3Edit

Everlast of Cavern (everywhere)

Cavern Guardian [24] (203,49)

Treasure Cave Chamber 4Edit

Treasure Hunter (everywhere)

Cavern Guardian [27] (233,164)

Treasure Cave Chamber 5Edit

Stoneman (everywhere)

Make-Up Mo [30] (128,27)

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