The Cursed Brother
Cursed brother logo (unofficial)

Minimum lv Requirement



7pm - 10pm


Start from Farmer Zhong (162,166) in Su Zhou

Minimum Team Members


Approx Duration


The Cursed Brother is an event which runs from 7pm Server Time to 10pm. Entrants must be at least level 20 and the quest can be done once per day.

Visit Farmer Zhong (162,166) in Su Zhou to gain a Peach Spell. With this spell in your inventory, go to a wild field that has monsters within a 10 level range of your character. Go amongst some mobs and right click the spell. Then kill the mobs around the Jiang Shi until the delivered monster energy is complete. For lv 81, 60 mobs had to be deafeated, though at the weekend, 80 needed to be defeated.

Once that is done you must kill the Jiang Shi. When it is dead, right click the Peach Scroll and allow it to complete. This can be disturbed by monsters hitting you, and if you take too long, you will have to defeat the Jiang Shi again. When completed successfully, the quest will then be completed. Return to Farmer Zong for your reward.

The quest must be completed within 30 minutes.

A level 81 recieved 137700 exp and a Disguise Pill as a reward.

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