Buffs are skills that enhance the abilities of the player they're applied to. All of the 9 Classes have buffs that can be applied, though some are able to be used on other team members, which are listed in the table below.

Some of the team buffs rely on an individual member being selected, whilst others rely on individuals being within a certain range and in the same team as the caster.

ClassDefensive BuffOffensive Buff
AssassinAssassin Char Demon SkinDemon Skin
Strengthens the ice defence of team members.
Mass InvisibilityMass Invisibility
Makes all team members within range Invisible (duration will vary.)
Beggars AllianceBeggars Alliance Char

Mass Dodge

Mass Dodge
Profound FriendshipProfound Friendship
Raises the Agility stat of team members. A special skill of the Beggars Alliance. Increases the Reflex stat of team members.
Lotus OrderLotus Order Char Cleric's WillpowerCleric's Willpower
Increases the willpower of any friendly target.
MinstrelMinstrel Char Fire StormFire Storm Shield of CloudsShield of Clouds
Strengthens the fire defence of team members. Increases the chance of a Critical Hit for team members.
PyromancerPyromancer Char Supreme StrengthSupreme Strength
Increases the Strength of friendly targets.
Light of FaithLight of Faith
Martial arts written in the Book of Sunflower. Increases the Physical Attack of all team members within range.
RoyaltyRoyalty Char Guardians WardGuardians Ward Field PromotionField Promotion
Reinforces the lightning defence of team members. Summons a huge golden flower that increases the hit rate of team members.
ShaolinShaolin Char Blessing BuddhaBlessing Buddha
A Shaolin skill which increases the Stamina of all friendly targets.
Spirit ShieldSpirit Shield
A Shaolin skill which increases the Physical Defence of all team members within range.
TaoistTaoist Char Magical SpiritMagical Spirit
Raises the Intelligence of team members.
VoodooVoodoo Char Great FortitudeGreat Fortitude
Reinforces the poison resistance of team members.
Mark of the WildMark of the Wild
The skill can be used when multiple disciples of Voodoo fight together. Enhances the Magic Defence of team members.

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