Gem socketing is an important feature in TLBB, and plays an important role. The main use of gems is to boost your stats by socketing them into equipment, and also to add a colorful aura to your character.

Socketing processEdit

First of all, you need add sockets to your equipment (even locust stone could be socketed!). then you can insert gems into these sockets. To add sockets to your equipment you need one of these specific item:

- arrows +(around your level)


-horns +(around your level).

They are dropped by different monsters only in specific maps (the level of the socket parallel to the level of the mobs). Otherwise you can buy them from peddlers or from players’ shops in the cities’ Business areas. Each item can have a maximum of 3 sockets. Remember that first socket always success, chances of getting a second socket is 2 out of 3, last one is 1 out of 3. To add a socket you need to go to Jade Pong at Luo Yang (176,183).


Finally, socket the gems in your item. - You need the items that you'll socket, and the gems ready. - Gem Socket Spell and Remedy Pearl (optional, but advisable as this will help to eliminate the chance of loosing the gem if the socketing will be unsuccessful). You can get Gem socket spell and Remedy pearl as monster drops or buy them from peddlers or from Business areas at cities.


Gem Socket Spell increases 50% chance. There will be an Advanced Gem Socket Spell which 100% chance in YuanBao shop.


The system will announce if you successfully socketed your gems.

Which gem is best for...Edit

There are many types of gems in the game, each with different effects. This table shows the effects of various gems, and which type of items is best for different equipment. A green check means the gem can be socketed into that type of item.


Videoguide for socketingEdit

A short demonstration of creating a socket in an item and then adding a gem into it. Double click the video to go to a bigger resolution.

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