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Minimum lv Requirement




Taught by

Da Li: Quick Zhang (54,211)

Skyline is a life skill that enables the user to produce location spells. There are 3 levels that can be reached in Skyline, and each one unlocks all the colour scrolls for that level.


Lv 1 30g

Lv 2 100g, 100/100 proficiency

Lv 3 500g, 500/500 proficiency


Spells can be made in red, blue, white, green, yellow and purple colours.

Scroll Level Vigor Cost Brown Paper Cost Max Scroll Uses
1 8 5 8
2 9 8 13
3 10 10 20

Location Spell ScrollsEdit

Location Spell Scrolls are items produced by the Skyline life skill which enable to user to teleport back to a specific point in a city. The scrolls need to be target located. To do this, right click the scroll, and click on the point in a city that you wish to set it to. The higher the scroll level, the more times that individual scroll can be used to teleport back to a location.

When it is target located, the scroll can be used to teleport back to that spot by right clicking it.

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