The Shadow Curse Update (patch 0.85.0300) was launched on the 1st of September 2010, moving TLBB from Open Beta in its "Commercial Phase".

New ContentEdit

Below are the announced changes brought with the update.

Token ShopEdit

The Token Shop was officially unveiled.

Level Cap RaisedEdit

The maximum player level was increased to level 100.

Ivory GoldEdit

Ivory was introduced as a type of bound gold.


1 week of 2x expEdit

Players have a week of 2x exp (ending on the 8th of September), so if they activate their 2x exp they receive 4x the typical exp per kill.

The Cursed BrotherEdit

The Cursed Brother is a solo event which players can do once per day, between 7pm ST and 10pm.

Suppression of BanditsEdit

Suppression of Bandits is a team event accessable from Twin Island.

Artifacts/Bloody Soldiers QuestEdit

Players are able to gain Artifacts via the Bloody Soldiers Quest.

Water TransportEdit

The Water Transport quest was opened.

Fragments for PenguinEdit

Players can find 7 fragments whilst mining or gathering herbs and exchange them for a penguin pet with Tender Gong (170,122) in Da Li.

Transport Day/ Trading DayEdit

Every Saturday is Trading Day, and every Sunday is Transport Day. On Trading Day, players can gain double revenue when doing trading. On Transport Day, players can gain double revenue when doing transport.

Scenes OpeningEdit

Wild SnowfieldEdit

Accessable from West Liao, Wild Snowfield is a pk zone which opened with this update. Monster Diaries, amongst other things, can be picked up here.

Ice SpaceEdit

The scene Ice Space opened, allowing players to receive 30 minutes of free exp whilst inside.

Dark West LakeEdit

Accessable from West Lake, Dark West Lake is a scene in which players can collect Fireflies to sell for gold. It is a pk zone.

Interface ChangesEdit

Friend SearchEdit

A Friends-Seeking button has been added under the player portrait. The player can click it and seek friends, vote for others, to promote the player’s popularity.

Nearby Player ListEdit

A Nearby Player List button has been added on the mini map. The player can click to see the foe player and friend player list nearby, and attack the target by double clicking the player’s name.

Update NotificationEdit

An Update Notification button has been added under the player portrait. The player can click it to check the update info directly.

Other ChangesEdit

● The recipe shops have released the spr. or phy. attacking ring and amulet recipe. The player can select the suitable recipe to learn.

● Have optimized some wordings display on some interface.

● Have optimized Tab map mark of Wolf Camp of Werewolf Hill.

● Have optimized the icon display when minimize launch interface.

● Have optimized the Novice Tutorial, and added new guiding items.

● Have optimized imperial exam questions.

● Have optimized the display format of equipment aptitude.

● Have optimized the prompt wordings when the player is too far from another player and cannot select him/her.

● Have uniformed the display names of Jade Valley on world map and scene map

● Have adjust the location of Guild teleporter, to make the player find him easily.

● Have fixed the colour display error of Customized Key Bindings button

● Have fixed the trading time format error when players shopping.

● Have fixed the inaccurate guide when doing the class quest Support the Other Class.

● Have fixed the location of teleport effect spot in King's Garden

Unannounced ChangesEdit

<60 Trading RestrictionsEdit

A ban was placed on players below level 60 trading Token Shop items, which upset some players who use alts to store items[1]

Guild Quest Items 100% Drop RateEdit

Items required for Guild Quests now drop from monsters at a 100% drop rate.

Moral Point Reduction CostEdit

It now costs 2k moral points and 5g to reduce 1 crime point at the Peace Herald in Su Zhou, whereas it used to cost 1k moral points and 2g.

Boss Aggro ChangeEdit

Bosses such as Martialists and Ice Demons no longer attack players merely going near them, and must be attacked in order to be provoked.

Processing time ReducedEdit

The time it takes to process items with the processing life skill has been reduced.


Material Stacking IssuesEdit

Some Craft, Sewing and Casting materials can now be stacked in stacks of 200, instead of the typical 80, though not all, and it varies per player.

Mining Ore Locations ReducedEdit

Another possible bug, there is now only 1 type of ore in each scene that has ore spawns, reducing the number of available ore by half.

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This page will be updated.


  1. Players upset about trading restrictions.

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