Increasing Savvy

To increase a pets "Savvy" is to increase its overall stats.

The following guide will show you how to do just that...


To increase Savvy you need to catch a wild pet with "Bone" that is equal to, or higher, than that of the "Savvy" of your chosen pet. Here my pet is on the right and the pet I am using to savvy is on the left. As you can see, the "Bone" is greater than the "Savvy". This however does not mean that the success rate will increase, but it will assure me a single attempt at raising the savvy level.


Any attempt with the above pet, given that it has "Bone" of 2, will inevitably be declined as it does not come within the limits of savvy increase.

Please note that ONLY WILD PETS will contain a "Bone" level and YOUNG PETS do not.


The success rate when attempting a savvy increase will dramatically reduce the more savvy a pet has. Here my pet has a savvy of 8, which has given me a success rate of 7%.

Given that a wild pet used in savvy attempts has a master level requirement, any pets within this level are acceptable subjects to use in savvy increase.

Be certain that YOUR PET is in the above slot and the "Bone" pet is the lower slot as their is no return of the synthesized pet once it has been confirmed.

The NPC used to increase Savvy is called Si Si White and is located within Su Zhou Pet Area. (As shown below)


Good Luck On All Future Savvy Attempts.

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