Yellow Treasure Key
Start Forward Seer (263,201) – Wild Plains
End Forward Seer (263,201) – Wild Plains
Level 5
Category Wild Plains
Approx Time to Complete 5 minutes
Reward 2140 exp, 1Silver 5Copper


Map: Wild Plains

Quest Giver: Forward

Seer Level: 5


  • Start:

Shh! ----
After years of research, I have found that there is a book hidden in this temple. After reading this book, you will be unmatched in the world. Don't tell anybody else, especially my brother Backward Seer.
Go to find some keys for me first. I have been looking everywhere, and I am sure they are not on the Village of Jiang anymore. The Yellow key of treasure was snatched by a Scarecrow leader named "Float Bridge". Who knows how it can move, but villagers said that some wooden cows and stone horses walked around to carry food along time ago ----Hm... Fortunately, they didn't catch fire.----So, it's not surprising that Scarecrow can move.
Bring my key back!
  • End:
Yes this is the key. I never thought I can get it in such a short time.

What To DoEdit

Go to Wild Plains and kill Floating Bridge (147,229). Pick up the Yellow Treasure Key that it drops and go back to Backward Seer to finish the quest.


Money: 1Silver 5Copper

2140 Exp


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