Start Wen Yang (252,144) – Dun Huang
End Wen Yang (252,144) – Dun Huang
Level 10
Category Dun Huang
Approx Time to Complete 2 minutes
Reward 70Copper
8610 Exp
Remnant of General


Map:Dun Huang

Quest Giver:Wen Yang


Dialog Edit

  • Dialog start:
We cannot hold out much longer, <Player name>! As a General and the only descendant of Yang, my pride makes it difficult for me to reach this conclusion, but I must concede that I cannot continue leading so many soldiers to their deaths. We have to give up Jade Gate Pass and Dun Huang and retreat.
Only the fierce soldiers of Xia and the Sand Wolves are left in Dun Huang. Go kill twelve of these Sand Wolves as the last thing we can do for this lovely land.
  • Dialog End:
Excellent! Perhaps this will ease my mind when the time comes to leave Dun Huang, a time that is fast approaching I'm afraid.

What To Do Edit

Find the Sand Wolves (238,165) in Dun huang and kill 12 of them. After that go back to Wen yang to claim your reward and finish the quest.

Rewards Edit

Remnant of General

Money: 70Copper

8610 Exp


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