The Long Run
Start Wen Yang (252,144) – Dun Huang
End Cool Chow (150,45) – Dun Huang
Level 15
Category Dun Huang
Approx Time to Complete 30 seconds
Reward 2250Exp
Next Find Two Brothers


Map:Dun huang

Quest Giver:Wen Yang


Dialog Edit

  • Dialog start:
<Player name>, listen up.
My soldiers found a cavern in Dun Huang called Treasure Cave which may have lots of treasure in it.

I heard a story from Lingering Tsao that King Don went on a wild rampage for a time. He burned down Luo Yang and buried Luo Yang's treasures in Dun huang when he made Chang'an the capital. This cavern we found could be the location of these treasures!

<Player name>, I have a feeling that it's the time to become rich. However, risk and oppurtunity go hand in hand. Let's make a deal. You go to Treasure Cave and see what you can find, and in return, you'll recieve a reward if you find the treasure.
<Wen Yang smiles with a glint in his eye.>
I have a capable, yet impatient assistant named Cool Chow. Go to him, and he will give you some useful directions. Get out your walking boots though - the cave's a good walk from here.
  • Dialog End:
Wen Yang sent you here? Well, we have work to do.

What To Do Edit

Find Cool Chow (150,45) in Dun Hunag. Talk to him to finish the quest.

Reward Edit

Money: 10Silver

2250 Exp


Cool Chow is just outside the entrance to the Treasure Cave in Dun Huang.

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