Send the Unreadable Book to Backward Seer
Start Forward Seer (263,201) – Wild Plains
End Backward Seer (269,194) – Wild Plains
Level 8
Category Wild Plains
Approx Time to Complete 10 seconds
Reward 1980 exp, 65Copper , item*


Map:Wild Plains

Quest Giver:Forward Seer



  • Start:
My god, you finally come, <Player Name>. Oh my god, why does the treasure turn out to be a Book. There are three words on the cover, but I don't know any of them. They're so cruel! It's obviously discrimination against illiterate people that the invincible treasure is actually a book that we cannot read. If I could read, I would have become a teacher! Give it to Backward Seer. I is useless to me.
  • End:

Isn't this the "unreadable book"? This is the life-long work of a wiseman. It is ver valuable.

What To DoEdit

Go to Wild Plains and talk to Backward Seer (260,210) to finish the quest.


One of these three Binding Equipment:

Robes of Royalty (Garments: phys atk + sta)

Marvellous Hat (Hat: sta +agi)

Ring of Marble (Ring: sta).

Money: 65Copper

1980 Exp


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