Start Vermilion Chu (63,81) – Dun Huang
End Wen Yang (252,144) – Dun Huang
Level 13
Category Dun Huang
Approx Time to Complete 2 minutes
Reward 4830 exp
1Silver 18Copper

Anima Necklace Anima Gauntlets Earth Long Sword

Next A Message for Vermilion Chu


Map:Dun Huang

Quest Giver:Vermilion Chu


Dialog Edit

  • Dialog start:
Don't try to save the princess anymore. I don't care what Shing De Zhao told you, but she's dead.
Let go of me , <Player name>!
<Vermilion Chu shouts>
Didn't you hear me? She is dead!
She failed to assassinate Beacher Lee, so she jumped off the top of a city wall... and now she's gone.
<He takes out a string of pearls and looks at it while a tear or two falls on the pearls.>
<He then drops his voice suddenly, and looks at you resolutely>
I can't do this anymore. I've made up my mind. we must kill Beacher Lee to avenge her. I will make some arrangements, but what you need to do now is kill General Lori Li of Xia who is patrolling outside of Jade gate Pass. Take his head to General Wen Yang of Song.
<Player name>, this is very important. If Lori Li dies, Wen Yang will certainly send an army to attack Jade Gate Pass, and the Xia army will be plunged into chaos. Then we'll have our chance...
  • Dialog End:
Is this the head of Lori Li? The troops of Xia must be in chaos! this is the chance I've been waiting for - we ned to seize this oppurunity and attack Jade Gate Pass now!

What To Do Edit

Find Lori Li (81,99) in Dun Huang and kill him. Get his head and bring it to Wen Yang (252,144) to finish the quest.

Rewards Edit

Anima Necklace

Anima Guantlets

Earth Long Sword

Money: 1Silver 18Copper

4830 Exp


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