End Chilly Loo (181,82) - Mt. Sanctity
Level 18
Category Mt. Sanctity
Approx Time to Complete 4 minutes
Reward 10710 exp
1Silver 98Copper
Previous Refusal of Chilly Loo
Next Clue


Map: Mt. Sanctity

Quest Giver: Chilly Loo (181,82)


Dialog Edit

  • Dialog start:
It's all my fault! If I had not seen the fire in the library, Jin Chai would not have fallen ill.
But, I really thought it was on fire...
I believe that when we find out the truth, Jin Chai will be alright.
I heard from Mr. Hsiao that Jin Chai had asked the servants to lock the door and throw way the key into the North Yard of Saint Academy after he rushed out of the library. I know there is a Deserted Mechanoid named "Master Mechanoid", who is the most ferocious puppet in the North Yard of Saint Academy. He must have the key. Could you get it for me?
  • Dialog End:
Oh, yes, this is the key. I'm going to enter the library to fint out what's in there.

What To Do Edit

Find Master Mechanoid (181,82) and kill him. Pick up the key and go back to Chilly Loo (181,82) to finish the quest.

Rewards Edit

Money: 1Silver 98Copper

10710 Exp

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