Relic to Collector Tsao
Start Vermilion Chu (63,81) – Dun Huang
End Collector Tsao (55,63) – Dun Huang
Level 18
Category Dun Huang
Approx Time to Complete 10 seconds
Reward 1904 exp, 82Copper , Item*
Next Buried Treasure


Map:Dun Huang

Quest Giver:Vermillion Chu



  • Dialog start:
<Player name>, please that General Wen Yang for me.
Buut I'm only doing this for revenge for the Princess rather than for the nation's interests. I sent someone to ambush Beecher Lee, but unfortunately, he got away. We are the only army gurading the Jade Gate Pass here, and we will certainly die on the battlefield someday.
<Player name>, you and Jackie should live your lives, and I will tale all the responsibilities.
Please give this to Collector Tsao for me.
<Vermilion Chu takes out a string of pearls, and looks at it while a teardrop or two falls on the pearls.>
Add it to the treasures in the Mogao Caves. Such a good girl like her should not die in the war...
  • Dialog End:
Life and beauty are buried in the mysterious cave. How artistic it is!

What To DoEdit

Go to Collector Tsao (55,63) in Dun Huang and talk to him to finish the quest.


Bundle Cloth

Bundle Sword

Bundle Belt

Money: 82Copper

2856 Exp


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