Start Jin Chai (200,67) – Mt. Sanctity
End Wisdom Hsiao (210,79) – Mt. Sanctity
Level 15
Category Mt. Sanctity
Approx Time to Complete 5 seconds
Reward 1200 exp
1Silver 56Copper
Next Evict the Strawhat Apes


Map: Mt. Sanctity

Quest Giver: Jin Chai (200,67)


Dialog Edit

  • Dialog start:
<Player name>, I am really troubled!
I've heard you are a great hero, as word has travelled from Mt. Infinity, Wild Plains, Dun Huang, and even General Wen Yang. Now that you're here, maybe you can help me?!/
I am so anxious that I hardly sleep or eat, and I always feel so faint. I find it hard to keep up with others even for a moment!
Please go to Wisdom Hsiao - maybe he will know what to do.
  • Dialog End:
Welcome. H has not been very peaceful here recently. Please take care of yourself.

What To Do Edit

Find Wisdom Hsiao (210,79) and talk to him to finish the quest.

Rewards Edit

Money: 1Silver 56Copper


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