Jade Necklace
Start Wisdom Hsiao (209,79) - Mt. Sanctity
Level 18
Category Mt. Sanctity
Approx Time to Complete
Reward exp
Previous Look for Wisdom Hsiao

Description Edit

Map: Mt. Sanctity

Quest Giver: Wisdom Hsiao (209,79)


Dialog Edit

  • Dialog Start:
Chilly is such a clever girl. She is right, it has a lot to do with me.
But you see <Player Name>, this conclusion will not relieve Master Chai from his anxiety, because he has known clearly that what really frightens him is not a ghost, but a human! The man who is back from the dead!
He took the exonerative iron scroll away which means Chai's life is not guaranteed anymore.
(His great fear shows in his eyes at the very mention of "the man".)
Well, so much for this. I will ask Chilly to stop her investigation.
General Zhang from West lake wrote a letter to Master Chai several days ago and said that he has some important news about the exonarative iron scroll. Please help me by paying a visit to General Zhang. It may have somehting to do with Chai.
  • Dialog End:

What To Do Edit

Go to General Zhang (155,54) in West Lake and talk to him to finish the quest.

Rewards Edit

Money: 2Silver 90Copper

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