Look for Forward Sear
Start Grace Jiang (216,42) – Wild Plains
End Forward Sear (263,201) – Wild Plains
Level 1
Category Wild Plains
Approx Time to Complete 1 minute
Reward 7200 exp, 85Copper


Map:Wild Plains

Quest Giver:Grace Jiang



  • Start:
Mo Jiang is suspecting other epople for no reason again. It's true that all our villagers are descendants of Bergn Chiang and have been guarding the grave for generations, but the thieves will not really be afraid of us because of that. The thief must be someone else, so don't believe his nonesense. It occured to me that it is not an easy thing to find food and water in Wild Plains. Besides the village of Jiang, only Backward seer has food within 100 miles. They are quite likely to be there. <Player name>, please help me find Forward Seer. Maybe you'll find some strang guys.
  • End:
How did you find me? I thought I hid perfectly well. Don't tell me you are the legendary Machiyo?

What To DoEdit

Go and find Forward Seer(263,201) in Wild Plains and talk to him to finish the quest.


Money: 85Copper

7200 Exp


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