Look for Doctor Loo
Start Wisdom Hsiao (210,79) – Mt. Sanctity
End Doctor Loo (183,81) - Mt. Sanctity
Level 15
Category Mt. Sanctity
Approx Time to Complete 5 seconds
Reward 2100 exp
1Silver 56Copper
Next Depressant


Map: Mt. Sanctity

Quest Giver: Wisdom Hsiao (209,79)


Dialog Edit

  • Dialog Start:
Master Chai has had nightmares throughout his entire life. When he was just a little boy, our old master bled to death in front of his own eyes. Since then, he has feared the sight of blood. Maybe a depressant will help him calm down and get some sleep. Find Doctor Loo and ask him to make a depressant for Master Chai.
  • Dialog End:
Mr. Hsia sent you here? Ok, I will make that depressant for you right now. Please wait here for a second.

What To Do Edit

Go to Doctor Loo (181,80) in Mt. Sanctity and talk to him to finish the quest.

Rewards Edit

Choose from the following items:

Sun Amulet

Supernatural Ring

Money: 1Silver 56Copper

2100 Exp

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