Kill Dryads
Start Violet (194,42) – Mt. Fire Rock
End Violet (194,42) – Mt. Fire Rock
Level 50
Category Mt. Fire Rock
Approx Time to Complete 30 seconds
Reward 10600 exp, 78Silver , item*
Next A Letter to Daffodil


Violet [195, 42] of Patrol Camp in Mt. Fire Rock asked you to kill 1 Dryad. Near Afterglow Mountain has a lot of Dryads [258, 125]


10600 exp, 78Silver

Item*: One of 3 binding equips: Hard Vine Gauntlet (gloves: reflex & int), Rattan Long Boots (shoes: sta), Chain of Rattan (Necklace: phy def & sta).


Must be incorrectly programmed, as such a low quota of weak monsters is unusual.

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