Jade Necklace
Start Wisdom Hsiao (210,79) - Mt. Sanctity
End Doctor Loo (183,81) - Mt. Sanctity
Level 15
Category Mt. Sanctity
Approx Time to Complete 5 seconds
Reward 4150 exp
Previous Look for Wisdom Hsiao


Deliver the Jade necklace to Doctor Loo [183, 81] at Saint Academy in Mt. Sanctity.

Dialog Edit

  • Dialog Start:
Chilly Loo is a smart girl, I am involved in this matter too.
You have to understand though <Player Name>, the medecine will not effect Master Chai. he doesn't fear humans, he fears ghosts@ It;s the man that has died and come back that's making him nervous!
The man who tokk the heirloom of Chai, so Chai family has no protection.
<When Wisdom Hsiao mentioned "the guy". he seemed to be scared .>
Let's end it, I will tell Chilly Loo. I had a talk with Doctor loo about Chilly and we think the feelings she has for Master Chai isn't good. The Jade necklace is for Master Chai from Chilly, now give it to Doctor Loo.
  • Dialog End:

Thank you a lot for helping my younger sister!

What To Do Edit

Go to Doctor Loo (181,80) in Mt. Sanctity and talk to him to finish the quest.

Rewards Edit

Money: 90Copper

4150 Exp

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