Help the Troubled Princess
Start Wen Yang (252,144) – Dun Huang
End Uighur Princess (252,177) – Dun Huang
Level 10
Category Dun Huang
Approx Time to Complete 10 seconds
Reward 1600 exp
Next A Letter for Shing De Zhao


Map:Dun Huang

Quest Giver:Wen Yang


Dialog Edit

  • Dialog start:
We are going to lose, <Player name>!
As General, and as a descendant of the legendary yang family, I have reluctantly come to this conclusion. We just cannot hold this position any longer. We must give up Jade Gate Pass and Dun huang and retreat.
I have another issue to discuss first. Not long ago, in moon lake, I saw an Uighur Princess who seemed to have escaped from Western Xia. We couldn't understand what she was saying, and she refused our help when we tried to get her out of moon Lake where the Sand Wolves hunt.
She may be waiting for someone... I don't know.
In any case, please give her a signal fag which she can use to get help when it's time to retreat.
  • End:
burRWak bolmaz oo at ong bolmasar?
<She stares at you and speaks ina language that you don't understand.>

What To Do Edit

Find the Uighur Princess (252,177) in Dun Huang. Talk to her to finish the quest.

Rewards Edit

Money: 82Copper

1600 Exp


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