Flatlands Black Ape
Start Mo Jiang(221,68)
Wild Plains
End Mo Jiang (221,68)
Wild Plains
Level 1
Category Wild Plains
Approx Time to Complete 3 minutes
Reward 2000 exp
1Silver 10Copper


Map: Wild Plains

Quest Giver: Mo Jiang (221,68)

Level: 1


  • Dialog Start:
I cannot stand this anymore!
<Player name>, are you the famous warrior from Da Li? We are in danger now. Please give us a hand! An abhorrent thief came to our village recently, and he not only stole from our houses, he turned things upside down in them as well. He actually stole things from our village! He didn't know that we are all descentants of Bergen Chiang, who is the senior apprentice of Marquis Chu-Keh. I think the thief is likely to be a Flatlands Black Ape. Please help me by killing eight Flatlands Black Apes so they won't try stealing from here again!
  • End:
Thanks for your help. I believe the Flatlands Black Apes won't dare to come at all.

What To DoEdit

Find Flatlands Black Ape(67,133) and kill eight of them. After that go back to Mo Jiang (221,68) to finish the quest.


Money: 1Silver 10Copper

2000 Exp


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