This quest will lead you to the Class Quest giver.

Fight For a Class
Start Class Advisors
End Class Quest Givers
Level 10
Category Class Bases
Approx Time to Complete 1 Minute
Reward None
Previous Join a Class
Next None


  • Starting:
You are an apprentice of our class now. You are able to learn more powerful Kung Fu and get a more honourable titles as your class contribution increases. How do you increase your class contribution? Talk to <Class Quest Giver> and do the quests.

  • Ending:
Are you new here? You're just in time, we really need your help.

What To DoEdit

Depending on your class go find and talk to the following people:

Pyromancer: Rock Lin (98,105) in the Fire Palace

Lotus Order: Meng (95,86) in Mt. Emei



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