Start Daffodil (205,43) – Mt. Fire Rock
End Daffodil (205,43) - Mt. Fire Rock
Level 53
Category Mt. Fire Rock
Approx Time to Complete 4 minutes
Reward 23000 exp, 83Silver , item*
Previous Hillside Blades


Kill Smiling Han for her Guardian Flower, Smell Flower, and give it to Daffodil [205, 43] in Mt. Fire Rock. Smiling Han [165, 213] often appears in First Sentry.


23000 exp, 83Silver

Item*: one of 3 lv 53 binding equips: Brutal Blade (One-Handed: hit, crit hit, int); Desperation Circle (Circle: ice atk, fire atk); Withered Fan (hit, crit hit, sta)


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