Evict the Everlasts
Start Wisdom Hsiao (210,79) – Mt. Sanctity
End Wisdom Hsiao (210,79) – Mt. Sanctity
Level 18
Category Mt. Sanctity
Approx Time to Complete 6 minutes
Reward 12450 exp
3Silver 53Copper
Previous Evict the Strawhat Apes
Next Look for Doctor Loo


Wisdom Hsiao [210, 79] of Saint Academy in Mt. Sanctity asked you to kill 20 Deserted Everlasts. Mt. Bronze has a lot of Deserted Everlasts [249, 239].

Dialog Edit

  • Dialog Start:
<Player name>, I am sorry.
When you arrived at St. Academy, we didn't offer you a warm reception. We have no excuse no matter how good St. Academy is.
In any case, we have a request. <Player Name>, would you help me by killing 20 Deserted Everlasts?
Mt. Bronze, which belongs to Family Chai, has been destroyed by all the Deserted Everlasts stomping around.
  • Dialog End:
Well done! I guess those Deserted Everlasts will not appear here anymore.

What To Do Edit

Find the Deserted Everlast (246,239) and kill 20 of them. After that go back to Wisdom Hsiao (210,79) to claim your reward and finish the quest.

Rewards Edit

12450 Exp, 3Silver 53Copper
Item*: one of 3 binding gloves: Saint Steel Gauntlet (hit, str, sta); Saint Leather Glove (phy atk, reflex, agi); Silk Glove of Saint (hit, int, willpower).

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