Deliver the Goods
Start Virtuous Dragon Sun (175,100) – Treasure Cave C1
End Wen Yang (252,144) – Dun Huang
Level 15
Category Dun Huang
Approx Time to Complete 2 minutes
Reward 4500 exp

Willow Twin Sword Warbler Spear Triplicity Fan

Previous Kill the Grave Robbers


Map:Treasure Cave C1

Quest Giver:Virtuous Dragon Sun


Dialog Edit

  • Dialog start:
<Player Name>, with your help, we found one piece of the treasure, which is in this box I'm about to give you.
We haven't opened the box yet, so we don't know what's in it.
I'll leave that to Wen Yang - I don't want him thinking I'm stealing any of the goods! Now get outta here, and don't be dropping that box!
  • Dialog End:
Thanks, I'll just stick it in over here with the rest. <Player name>, actually, I created all of this just to test you. Treasure cave has countless treasures, but what's difficult is finding a great warior!
Why is that so rare? There are very few who have perseverance, patience, wisdom, skill and honor. You, soldier, have all of these.
<Wen Yang smiles with respect.>

What To Do Edit

Go back to Dun Huang and find Wen Yang (252,144). Give him the box to claim your reward and finish the quest.

Rewards Edit

One of these three binding equipment:

Willow Twin Sword

Warbler Spear

Triplicity Fan

Money: 20Silver

4500 Exp


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