Cross Farewell Way
Start Lingering Tsao - Dun Huang
End Collector Tsao - Dun Huang
Level 10
Category Dun Huang
Approx Time to Complete
Reward 9Silver

13500 Exp

Previous Assistance from <Class Name>

Description Edit

Map:Dun Huang

Quest Giver:Lingering Tsao


Dialog Edit

  • Dialog start
<Player name>, it's great that you came to me in time as the sitiation has become more complicated.
Beacher Lee will get to Jade Gate Pass soon, but some things have happened. I have recieved some important new from a classmate in Desert Pass, Shing De Zhao, who is the staff officer of Hsia in Xia. Lori Li, a harbinger officer, arrived at Jade Gate Pass ahead of time and gave military power to Vermilion Chu. This is both an oppurtunity and a challenge.
Tell Collector Tsao, my brother, not to go to Song and to wait for Vermilion Chu's next step.
  • Dialog End:
Sh--quiet. Ok, I understand. Talk to Shing De Zhao or Vermilion Chu and find out their attitude about this.

What To Do Edit

Find Collector Tsao (55,63) in Dun Huang. talk to him to finish the quest.

Rewards Edit

Money: 9Silver


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