Cold Food Festival
Start Mo Jiang (221,68) – Wild Plains
End Mo Jiang (221,68) – Wild Plains
Level 8
Category Wild Plains
Approx Time to Complete 3 minutes
Reward 2640 exp, 1Silver 5Copper , item*


Map: Wild Plains

Quest Giver: Mo Jiang (221,68)

Level: 8


  • Start:
Almost nothing is stolen these days, and I believe it is because of you, <Player name>. But villagers are attacked by Ghostly Shaman continually, I don't know what's wrong. Is it just because I secretly ate some meat during this Cold Food Festival and offended Jensen? But it is Duke Wen's fault that Jensen was burned, so why can we not eat meat? I will never cook something in the Cold Food Festival again. How about Aspic? Ah, let's get back to the point, <Player name>. Please help me by killing eight Ghostly Shamans so they won't damage the village.
  • End:
I will not stew anymore on Cold Diet Diet Day! I will eat stew salad instead.

What To DoEdit

Go find the Ghostly Shamans (209,146) and kill eight of them. After that go back to Mo Jiang (221,68) to claim your reward and finish the quest.


One of these three binding items:

Bamboo Guantlets Bamboo Gauntlets

Wild Feet Wild Feet

Silkworm Silkworm

Money: 1Silver 5Copper

2640 Exp


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