Buried Treasure
Start Collector Tsao (55,63) – Dun Huang
End Wen Yang (252,144) –Dun Huang
Level 10
Category Dun Huang
Approx Time to Complete 30 seconds
Reward 1900 exp, 1Silver 31Copper
Previous Relic to Collector Tsao


Map:Dun Huang

Quest Giver:Collector Tsao



  • Dialog start:
Jade Gate Pass will be lost
After being a governor of Dun Huang for 30 years and Chief of Jade Gate Pass for 5 years, I have become an artist.
<Collector Tsao cries>
<Player name>! Why do you smile? Look at my collection of trophies from the fights at Jade Gat Pass and you will not laugh at me. My death is not to be regretted, but destroying my collections is a real disaster...
I will have a grotto built by the emperor of Wei and fill it with the frescos and sculptures in the Desert Cataran Area in Dun Huang. I want to put my collections there and bury them, and anyone who wants them will have to dig for it.
Collecor Tsao may have died, but art will live forever.
Tell my words to Wen Yang.
  • Dialog End:
<Player name>, through this unforseen event, the weakend Xia army cannot start another war. I have to inform Vermilion Chu and Shing De Zhao that the Uighur Princess is still alive.

What To DoEdit

Go find Wen Yang (252,144) in Dun huang and talk to him to finish the quest.


Money: 1Silver 31Copper

1900 Exp


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