Start Virtuous Hoo (236,230) – Treasure Cave C1
End Virtuous Dragon Sun (175,100) – Treasure Cave C1
Level 15
Category Dun Huang
Approx Time to Complete 2 minutes
Reward 2000 exp
Dark necklace
Battered Necklace
Antiquated Necklace
Previous Find Two Brothers
Next Kill the Grave Robbers

Description Edit

Map: Treasure Cave

Quest Giver:Virtuous Hoo


Dialog Edit

  • Dialog start:
<Player name>, I can't say I'm pleased with what I see.
You look sloppy and undisciplined, and I would kick you out if you were not recommended by :Wen Yang and Cool Chow. What's wrong with them? Their judgement seems to be slipping lately.
Bah! I will do as they wish.
If you can find my elder brother Virtuous Dragon Sun on the first floor of Treasure cave, consider your task successful. I'm not expecting much though. You'll probably just end up like the other losers who came to help.
<Reminded of Wen yang's smirk, you start to question if this was such a good idea.>
Virtuous Dragon Sun is easy to find, but it requires some intelligence. You might try using your brain for once.
  • Dialog End:
Ah, you figured out how to LEAP over here! Maybe you will be of some use afterall...

What To Do Edit

Find Virtuous Dragon Sun (175,100) in Treasure Cave. You have to use Leap to get to him. Talk to him to finish the quest.

Rewards Edit

One of these three binding Equipment:

Dark necklace

Battered Necklace

Antiquated Necklace

Money: 15Silver

2000 exp


This quest is in the Dun Huang category as it is part of a series which is predominately in Dun Huang. This quest occurs entirely in Treasure Cave C1, which can be entered from Dun Huang.

thumb|500px|left|Brainstorm Quest - how to leap in order get to the reward giver

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