Bloody Soldiers is a quest available to players level 40+. The reward is a powerful Artifact weapon. It will become available with the Shadow Curse Expansion.

The QuestEdit

The quest can be taken once you are at least level 40 from Chou Tzu (266,140) in Su Zhou. In order to begin you must submit a Double Perfect weapon. The weapon submitted determines the difficulty of the quest and the level of the Artifact rewarded at the end. An example is submitting a weapon which is between the levels of 80-89, which is revealed as Double Perfect once Appraised. Whether it's a spear or fan is not important, you are able to choose which type of weapon you wish to claim at the end. The prize will be a level 80 Artifact.

Depending on the level of weapon submitted, you will be required to kill a varying number of mobs. These mobs must be within 10 levels of your level.

Once you have completed the quest for the first time you will awarded with a Flawed Pendant relative to the level of the submitted Double Perfect weapon and an Artifact Plan. In order to then get the Artifact weapon you must collect enough Divine Fragments to complete the pendant; each fragment, providing it's the right level, completes the pendant by 5%, so a total of 20 are required. Fragments are mostly obtainable from special boss drops and have levels which correspond to Flawed Pendant levels.


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