Asura Minion
Start Grace Jiang (215,43) – Wild Plains
End Grace Jiang (215,43) – Wild Plains
Level 9
Category Wild Plains
Approx Time to Complete 4 minutes
Reward 2000 exp, 85Copper , item*


Map: Wild Plains

Quest Giver: Grace Jiang



  • Start:
I have bad news for you <Player Name>. We found an Asura Minion in Wild Plains. It is said that the Asura Minion will continue the accumulation of evil and turn into a Doom Demon after he appears some place and dominates the land. We can only survie by killing the Asura Minion. A warrior like you would never watch our land falling under the Asura's control.
  • End:
Thank you a lot. You have kept catastrophe out of our Village of Jiang.

What To DoEdit

Find the Asura Minion (233,139) in Wild plains and kill it. Go back to Grace Jiang (215,43) to claim your reward and finish the quest.


Venerete Necklace

Money: 85Copper

2000 Exp


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