A Letter to Ziv Cho
Start Truthful Ma (92,128) – Mt. Infinity
End Ziv Cho (240,180) – Mt. Infinity
Level 1
Category Mt. Infinity
Approx Time to Complete 1 minute
Reward 600 exp
1Silver 20Copper


Map: Mt. Infinity

Quest Giver: Truthful Ma


Dialog Edit

  • Dialog start:
The trade route of Infinity Field must be protected by a power like yours, <Player name>, rather than the warriors who pass by occasionaly.
Infinity Allinace is just what we need! lthough Infinity Alliance is not one f the top nine classes, there are lot of warriors who could do thins for the common people. I've met Ziv Cho, the East group master of Infinity Alliance, several times, so I want to ask him to send his apprentices to help.
Please take this letter to Ziv Cho in the Kung Fu Arena, and I will prepare a party to welcome the warriors in Infinity Field.
  • Dialog End:
Well i know why you are here. Mr. ma is my friend. I will definitely send people to wipe out the White Mountain Apes after Kande win in the chairman battle.

What To Do Edit

Find Ziv Cho (240,180) and talk to him to finish the quest.

Rewards Edit

Money: 1Silver 20Copper

600 exp


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