Pyro Class Base Map Locations (MARKED)

L = Mark of Liao; P = Mark of Persia; S = Mark of Song

Travelling Visits. See which city it says, go there via the class teleporter, click to coordinates, talk to the NPC, go back to the class base, done. Easiest type of class quest, especially with a fast mount.

Collect Sacred Flame. Visit the altar the quests directs you to, open your inventory and select the “quest” tab. There you will find a torch. Right click it and, providing you are close enough to the correct altar, you will begin collecting the flame. Once done, simply report the quest to the quest giver. Note: Silvery Flag = Metal Flag

Find food/medicine item. This is difficult as the items are uncommon. Can use pharmacy or cooking to make the item provided you have the right ingredients, or buy the item from a player.. Though I usually use “help of the class” to complete this quest. Tip: can purchase lv 1 fish and grain from Pawn shops and try to make the food, though this can be expensive, especially if you are unlucky and the correct food is not produced immediately.

Retrieve Class Mark. There are 3 separate types of items to collect, with only one being collectable depending on the instructions of the quest. Travel around the Fire Palace keeping an eye on the minimap for yellow boxes. Hover your cursor over the yellow box on the minimap to see which type of Mark is there. Tip: Marks appear in the same places, though are not always present. As you can see on the map of locations, they appear in area clumps, so the more of these types of quests you do, the easier you will find it to locate the correct Mark.

“Where is my [item]?”. Much easier than the food or medicine item quest. Go to the city the quest directs you to, click the coordinates, then purchase the appropriate item from the shop. Return to the class base, submit the quest, done.

Light Cave Instance. Go to Pyromancer Li (89,56) in Fire Palace talk to him to enter the Light Cave instance. There are 10 Narks that match your own level inside. Tip: to complete the quest quickly, you only need to enter the scene then you can exit via the portal. Killing the monsters are not a necessity for completion.

Catch pet. Go to Lou Yang, then to Pet Island via Cherry Yun (181,155). Find the area of monsters you were ordered to catch, and kill them until a wild one appears. Capture it and go back to Cha (81,31) and return straight back to the class base. Report the quest, done. Note: if he asks for wild, it must be wild, not young etc.

Help other class. Teleport to the specified class, click the coordinates, talk to the NPC there and enter the instance. Like the Light Cave Instance, you only need to enter to complete it. Travel back to the Pyro class base. Visit quest giver, report, complete.

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