Apart from trading and peddling there is a proper business can be done for serious business-minded players. Anyone can open their own shops to trade items any time, even when they are offline. Therefore get more money and never worry about it!

Players' shops in Business area of Lou Yang

Shops can be found in Luo Yang in the area marked on the city map as Business. Click on the Fusheng Chiao (232,153) to see list of available shops, open your own shop or manage existing one.

How to open a shopEdit

  • You have to be at least lv. 50 or higher.
  • You have to have "Shopkeeper's Handbook" (can be obtained from boss of the insurgents from the Intruders quest.)
  • You have to have spare 30 gold coins to set as a shop fund + more which depends on how many counters you want to have.

At the moment you can't open new shop in EU TLBB, because the maximum number of shop has been reached. So the only option to become a shop owner is to buy a shop from someone who is selling it. But even to do that you still need "Shopkeeper's Handbook".

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