Northwest Wolf

Where can it be found?Edit

South Yan

What can it drop?Edit

+2 Leather

+2 Soul Crystal

+3 Fur

Black Rice Porridge (Food - restores 909 MP while resting)

Brown Paper

Celadon Bottle

Dragon Iron Gauntlet (Gloves, lvl 30 required)

Fairy's Cloth Mantle (Shoulderpad, lvl 30 required)

Fey Kylin Wristband (Wristbands, lvl 30 required)

Golden Twisted Dough (Food - restores 3852 HP while resting)

Lunar (Garments, lvl 38 required)

lvl 4 Grid Box (+4 Material slots)

Lvl 4 Healing Salve (Medicine - restores 1595 Hp continuously)

Monster's Hair


Venom's Prayer Belt (Belt, lvl 28 required)

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