A player riding a mount2

A player riding a mount

Mounts increase the movement speed of the player riding it. Use of mounts is level dependant, with the first mount being useable at level 20.

How to ride a MountEdit

The mount must be equipped in the character interface, and like all other equipment slots, only one mount can be equipped at once. To do this, one can right click the mount in the inventory, or drag it into the mount slot. The corresponding mount riding scroll must also be learnt, or if it is for a class mount, the appropriate NPC must be talked to, and the necessary riding skill can be learnt there

Select the Summon Mount skill, found in the Common Skill section of the skills interface. This skill can be dragged into the shortcut bar to summon a mount more easily. In the skills interface, have the Summon Mount Skill selected and left click "Use", alternately if the skill is on your shortcut bar you can left click the icon there, or use a relevant "F" key.

Limitations when RidingEdit

Players can not attack whilst riding a mount, though they can be attacked.

Skills can not be used, including Common Skills, Class Skills and Life Skills, nor can a player mine, gather herbs or fish.

Pets can not be captured, fed, tamed or summoned, though if a pet is already summoned it can be rested.

A player can not learn any scrolls or use any items, such as consuming food, medicine, or buff food.

Item sacks cannot be clicked to enable to loot box to appear whilst riding a mount, though if the loot box is already open then a player gets on their mount, then the items in it can still be extracted.

The Da Li eagle transportation system can not be used whilst one is riding a mount.

It also appears that it is more difficult to click a player riding mounts, particularly flying ones. To counter this, click below where the player appears, which is perhaps where the player might normally be were they not on the mount.

Types of MountsEdit

Mounts can be split broadly into two categorises: Class Mounts and Generic Mounts.

Class MountsEdit

Players can purchase their particular class mounts from their class base. One must be a member of the respective class to ride the mount. Players can purchase mounts of other classes, and even equip them (which consequently binds them). This is a waste of the player's money as they cannot learn the class riding skill for that mount, and therefore cannot ride the mount.

Each class has two mounts, one available to use at level 40, which increases movement speed by +40% when equipped, and one available to use at level 60, which increases movement speed by +70%.

Generic MountsEdit

Generic mounts are rideable by all players irrespective of class. Like class mounts, generic mounts are equippable depending on level.

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