Mask Town on the TLBB World Map.

Mask Town is currently being built in the south east of the TLBB realm, next to the Werewolf Hill and Werewolf Plain, close to the City of Da Li. It is going to open very soon.


Name Title Type Zone Coordinate
Jade Dragon Center square 138,147
Hadar Recipe Vendor Recipe Center square 138,153
Traveller Shun Posthouse Owner Teleporter 202,211
Hoarse Jin West market 65,167
Lan West market 65,164
Bear Blade Weapons Owner Appraisement 171,46
Lee Ma Weapon店伙计 Weaponsmith Weapon 171,40
Wenyan Yu Mining Mining West market 89,165
Sing Tang Swordsmith Master Casting West market 92,162
Tsai Chen Banker Bank 200,258
Clerk Liu Bank 200,253
Clerk Chen Bank 200,263
Mo Chen Pawnshop Supplier Material East market 232,183
Chian Chian Pet Seller Pet West market 109,126
Yu Bao Wine Merchant Wine Center square 193,128
Hao Tsai Cooking Master Cooking Center square 192,144
Len Wei Herbalism Master Herbalism Center square 190,147
Mayor Chiang Pharmacy Master Pharmacy Center square 190,150
Leaf Bai Drugstore Owner Medecine shop North market 105,94
Rich Chu Accessory Owner Accessory West market 89,129
Baleno Costume Owner Costume West market 81,124
Dash Ji Jewelcrafter Gem North market 134,85
Sharp Gao Guard Captain Get double experience Center square 147,119
Tsongli Hoo Material Dealer Material 124,185
Fern Chandlery Vendor Groceries Center square 158,117
Serious Sun Fishing Trainer Fishing East market 216,154
Lively Chiao Sewing Master Sewing West market 76,125
Galip Jing Craft Trainer Craft 131,198
Maple Zhang Farming Master Agriculture 282,278
Clear Wang Arena Teleporter Arena Center square 154,130
Ocean Li Werewolf Hill Teleporter Teleporter 25,288
Luminous Mo 168,301
Emerald Mo 172,300
Yun Mo 176,301
Luyo South market street 161,220
San Zhang East market 244,116
Grey Yu North market 141,73
Goose Yang West market 102,158
Leisurely Li South market street 176,199
Yao Li South market street 176,201
Shin Li Zhao East market 259,90
Cloud Cheng North market 85,74
Little River Chien North market 86,73
Lin Ting North market 84,76
Peng Jiang Center square 180,113
Mohan Wang Center square 182,113
Brother Emerald East market 242,153

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