Wedding chariot is parading the city.

Getting married opens up new skills, an Exp. bonus when killing mobs, and a special highlight above the married character's head.


Male characters must be Lv. 35 or higher. Female characters must be Lv. 25 or higher. Friendship level must be at 1000 or higher. The most basic wedding costs 52 gold, 50 silver, and 20 bronze. Anything more ornate costs a lot more gold. A supreme wedding card lets players have a free wedding of any kind.

The ProcessEdit

Players interested in getting married can go to Luo Yang's Marriage Man [48,62]. They must be in a party with their betrothed, and select the marriage option. They'll have three choices: Normal wedding for 50 Gold Ornate wedding for 500 Gold Lavish wedding for 1300 Gold Players will receive a wedding ring and will be able to learn new skills to revive their partner, give them stat bonuses, and heal them. These skills only work between married couples.

Wedding PartyEdit

Once players gets married, they can have a wedding party. First, they can buy wedding invitations from Flower Fairy (right next to the wedding man). Players can use the invitations to invite their friends. Then, players can talk to Le Chi (175,95) to begin a Carnival complete with a festive cart and presents for the citizens of Luo Yang. A ceremony follows, lit by gem-filled fireworks.


If married players ever have a falling out with their partner or find they have been cheating, they can file for divorce at (48,62) in Luo Yang.


There are 4 skills that you can learn with your spouse.

  1. Couple Care- Used to Instantly heal your Spouse.
  2. Love Reborn- Can be used after your spouse has died to resurrect them on the spot where they died.
  3. Love Boost- Increases your spouses Stamina.
  4. Lover's Call- Allows you to instantly teleport to your spouse.

All four of these skills can be improved using Experience and Gold from the Husband of any Marriage. You can learn these skills from The Matchmaker (47,63) in Luo Yang, in the area which is marked as Marriage on the city map. Couple Care, Love Reborn, and Love Boost are all available as soon as you get married but Lover's Call requires the book "Lover's Call" which can be acquired by killing the Fat Cat on Pet Island or through the token shop.

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