Lv 2 Staple Recipe
Lv 2 Staple Recipe
Type Cooking Recipe
Stackable? no
NPC Purchase Price 24Ivorysilver
NPC Sell-to Price 6Ivorysilver

Requires lv 4 Cooking.

Produces Almond CookieAlmond Cookie, Bean paste cakeBean paste cake, Glutinous Rice CakeGlutinous Rice Cake, Multi-Layer BakemeatMulti-Layer Bakemeat, Plantain RicePlantain Rice, Rice Tube PuddingRice Tube Pudding, Spring CakeSpring Cake, Stuffed Steamed BunStuffed Steamed Bun, Vegetable PieVegetable Pie, Vegetable RollVegetable Roll, Walnut CakeWalnut Cake.

Requires Lv 2 Grain.


For making food using grain Lv 2.

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