Lv 1 Staple Recipe
Lv 1 Staple Recipe
Type Cooking Recipe
Stackable? Unknown edit
NPC Purchase Price 2Ivorysilver
NPC Sell-to Price 1Ivorycopper

Requires lv 1 Cooking.

Produces Assorted Fried RiceAssorted Fried Rice, Bran GlutenBran Gluten, Cocoa Rice BallsCocoa Rice Balls, Fried MeatballFried Meatball, Mung Bean CakeMung Bean Cake, Red Bean RiceRed Bean Rice, Rice CakeRice Cake, Roasted CornRoasted Corn, Sesame CakeSesame Cake, Tasty CongeeTasty Congee, Walnut Tofu CongeeWalnut Tofu Congee

Requires Lv 1 Grain.


For making food using Lv 1 grain.

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