Map of Kroraina

Loc­ated far in the north west of the TLBB realm, the ancient City of Kroraina is one of China’s greatest won­ders. Set in the heart of an Ori­ental para­dise, the sight of this awe-​inspiring city is enough to soften the heart of even the most cold-​hearted of warriors.

You can get to Kroraina with help of Han Wong (230, 128) at Luo Yang. Only players over level 75 can enter this City.

Connecting ScenesEdit

Horse Ranch.

Ancient City.


Video guideEdit

thumb|300px|right|Video tour of Kroraina


Kroraina Treasure Hunt.


Guild Battle.


Name Title Type Zone Coordinate
Kamala 22,44
Abtin Material Dealer Material 233,49
Arman Posthouse Owner Teleporter 285,130
车传平 Posthouse Owner Teleporter 297,88
Dragon Arya Weaponsmith Weapon 217,230
Alula Bao Lotus Order disciple 296,215
Merciful Royal Disciple 295,238
Boerh Drugstore Owner Sell medicine 37,194
Weapons Owner Weapon 220,229
Equipment Repairer Repair 217,235
Doctor Du Traveling Doctor Traveling Doctor Restore West market street 25,143
Doctor Wong Traveling Doctor Traveling Doctor Restore Lucky Steps 162,285
Doctor Chi Traveling Doctor Traveling Doctor Restore 294,143
Senior Gao Wine Merchant Foods East market street 211,176
Orshih Palace Guard Get double experience 154,119
Pretty Gong Event 191,119
Barber Ku Barber Changing hairstyle West market street 34,131
Su Kwan Minstrel Disciple 291,49
Willow Hong Assassin Disciple 292,222
Mei Mei Hong 117,34
Sublime Shaolin Disciple 301,22
Barber Chia Hair Dyeing Master Hair-dyeing West market street 30,131
Kateb Banker Bank East market street 213,118
Craftsman Kalb Jewelcrafter Gem West market street 75,162
Pharmacist Laith Pharmacy Master Pharmacy 30,187
Taoist Loh Taoist Disciple 279,22
Ambassador Li Ambassador of Hsia 46,60
Ma Cook Cooking Master Cooking East market street 213,172
Clerk Mao Bank East market street 219,119
Blacksmith Mahmed Swordsmith Master Casting 218,240
Craftsman Nassir Craft Master Craft West market street 91,162
Ambassador LJade Dragon Ambassador of Persia 51,53
Writer Khasim 28,22
Clerk Pang Bank East market street 219,122
Grand Chien 134,118
Little Na 47,23
Fatty Sa Chandlery Vendor Groceries West market street 61,129
Camel Ma Camel trader Ride 283,131
Belle Cheng Ethereal Peak Teleporter Teleporter Lucky Steps 193,224
Tamo Shi Recipe Lucky Steps 187,225
Herbalist Samirah Herbalism Master Herbalism 34,194
Rose Shen Flowergirl Flower shop 203,33
Clerk Song Bank East market street 207,122
Clerk Tan Bank East market street 207,119
Stone Tung Mining Master Mining 217,233
Belly Dancer Chin 262,33
Beggar Shun Beggars Alliance disciple 300,49
Fong Yang Voodoo Disciple 280,49
Ambassador Badser Ambassador of Liao 298,246
Fisherman Ye Fishing Master Fishing 90,92
Doctor Yi Plastic Surgeon Plastic surgeon West market street 32,131
Tailor Yih Sewing Master Tailor 250,184
Peach Yue Costume Owner Clothing 256,184
Jasmine White Pet Seller Pet West market street 109,121
Pretty Zhang Accessory Owner Accessory East market street 227,162
Rock Zhang 农业大师 Farming Master Planting 73,248
Zhao Ambassador Ambassador of Song 21,30
Handsome Chu Pyromancer disciple 23,61
Fatty Chuh Pawnshop Supplier Material East market street 217,130
Ambassador Zimraan Ambassador of Tubo 287,238
金久灵 寻宝活动使者 Treasure hunt 162,75
何悦 神秘老人 Loop 295,68
刘盾 神秘老人 Loop 122,56

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