2014 01 02 16 39 29 Zion(PVP) Pet Island JusticeSword

Level 20 Golden Eye Bull Guardian

There are mobs that roam Pet Island to defend the pets and prevent you from catching them.

Beware that these Guardian are really tough and won't be easily defeated him so prepare a good party of people to defeat him ;).

To give you an idea of how powerful they are, they can generally two-shot most players that are around level 35 or lower.  Some players may be able to solo the Level  20 boss at level 80.


Island Guardian


Travelling bag and grid box

Drug recipes

Weapons and equipment


P.S.  this is just a quick edit i will give alot more info in the future :D


--Edited by Ac_dragon ;)

--Edited by ZhaoRui :D

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